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Self-storage is an excellent option for storing overflow of many different types of materials from your home or business. You can think of your Camlachie Storage unit as a second garage or business supply room.

In preparation for renting a Camlachie Storage unit, make out a preliminary inventory of the items you wish to store. Bring this with you to review with the storage facility manager to ensure you'll be in full compliance with the list of permitted items. Full disclosure of what you will be storing is required. Some up-front preparation will prevent any related inconvenience upon your arrival at Camlachie Storage.

If you have any questions about the items you wish to store, contact Camlachie Storage at 1-888-406-6047 before you pack and arrive at the site.

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Packing Efficiently For Self Storage

Self-storage units don't have to be a space you visit once or twice a year to dig something out of a stack of boxes. They can be highly organized, easily accessible spaces that free up necessary space in your home or office. To get the most out of them though, it's best to plan ahead before you start loading up the truck.

Start by identifying items that will be packed in boxes and stacked. Prioritize your items that you will want to access most frequently and group your boxes by fragility and weight.

Consider awkwardly-sized items that won't stack well, how often you will need to use them and how heavy each box is.
Nobody wants to pay for storage they don't need. But a little extra space makes moving around within your storage unit much easier. It also gives you room to add those unplanned items that always seem to pop up.

Calmachie Storage can be quite helpful in determining how much space you will need.
Organizing and efficiently packing your items will take time and concentration. However, the up-front effort will be well worth it when you're able to easily unload and organize your items at the storage unit.

Use boxes instead of plastic bags, as they are sturdier and stack well. Always invest in and use high quality packing materials.
Before you load up the truck to take your packed items to your self-storage unit, check with the Camlachie Facility Manager to make sure there is adequate space for the truck to maneuver to your unit.

As you arrive at the facility and begin to unload, arranging your belongings in your storage unit will make a noticeable difference in maximizing its convenience to you.